We offer high-quality and attentive wholistic services for all our Queens and Kings.


Energy Readings

A private session to evaluate your chakras to find any blockages or stagnation.

Wellness Consultations

A private one-on-one consultation to improve and promote healthy lifestyle changes.


House Blessings

An ancient tradition that cleanses and brings positive energy into your home. 


Yoni Steaming

A holistic approach that uses herbal steams that cleanses and detoxes the uterus and entire reproductive system. There are many benefits from Yoni Steam treatment.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is energy healing, improving the flow of energy through the body. Helps promote relaxation and other benefits.

Health Coaching

We provide private or group coaching sessions to help towards lifestyle changes and goals to promote a happy healthier life. 

Herbal Consultations

An herbal consultation is a one on one session with a Certified Herbalist to discuss your health concerns.